Forward to the Future with DocCoin Cryptocurrency

You should think about purchasing a cryptocurrency DOC token and here’s why.

The global changes that are underway now are affecting all aspects of people’s lives, including the most important for everybody: health.

The most important and large-scale changes in health are connected with telemedicine and blockchain technology. For those who care about their health and who want to keep abreast of the latest advances in technological progress, they must necessarily become familiar with these new trends.

‘Telemedicine’ can be defined essentially as ‘healthcare via the Internet’, and ‘blockchain technology’ is a technology that uses computers interconnected to the network in order, wherever possible, to get rid of middlemen — people and companies, and replace them with a program distributed over these interconnected computers.

Online Consultation System Doc in Pocket is intended to unite consultants and their clients and to remove unnecessary intermediary from their community.

Remuneration for consultations in the Online Consultation System Doc in Pocket takes place thanks to the use of the DocCoin (DOC) cryptocurrency token.

Token is a cryptocurrency that is issued by a known company for openly declared rather narrow purpose, while ‘cryptocurrency coin’ (or ‘simple cryptocurrency of old type’) can be issued (‘mined’, ‘created’) by everyone in decentralized manner and then can be used instead of conventional currencies if it finds a community of users.

The DocCoin Token (DOC) is released on the basis of another token named ‘Ethereum’ or ‘Ether’ (ETH), which is designed specifically to be a base for releases of other tokens, and it is so popular that it is being mined even by a multibillionaire and co-founder of Google corporation.

In just about ten years of their history, after the appearance of Bitcoin (BTC) in 2009, the value of all cryptocurrencies has risen from zero to hundreds of billions of dollars, and two years ago, in 2016, it was only about a dozen billion. It’s just a staggering growth in dozens of times in just about a couple of years.

Right before our very eyes blockchain revolution is taking place, and it will determine the future of mankind. And no matter how much bankers may argue with this, they are forced to deal with cryptocurrencies in spite of their negative attitude.

Say, recently the largest Russian bank announced that it will deal with cryptocurrencies despite the sharply negative attitude of the head of this bank, as, indeed, of all other banks.

The governments of the main countries are also against cryptocurrencies, but they cannot withstand their pressure and the will to live.

For example, the US government could not find a reason to prevent the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (code: CME, the largest in the world) from starting bitcoin futures trading, because for futures trading only a changing market rate is required, and Bitcoin has it.

Also, the largest companies are beginning to think about the blockchain. For example, Facebook has already formed a department that will do the development and research of the blockchain technology.

However, despite the overwhelming successes, the blockchain technology has a very large scope for further expansion and development, for example, their application in the healthcare sector lags behind the general trend, although health is a very important part of anybody’s life.

Our company DocCoin is working to fill this regrettable gap.

We are sure that our cryptocurrency token DocCoin (DOC) will play a worthy part in the blockchain revolution that is taking place before our eyes.

It is the duty of all progressive people of goodwill, to support the future of mankind.


DoсCoin team.