Ugi Augustine Ugi
Jun 5, 2019 · 5 min read
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Discover Tailorgang!

In the past two years we have been firmly focused on creating a community to propel the growth of African fashion. We have been guided by the belief that we represent an economic power house and we should have a say in guiding our ever growing fashion industry and to help her thrive in a digital economy. We started by building technology that was aimed at helping different actors in the industry especially starters to grow fashion businesses without the stress of finding things out themselves, our technology was able to gain and gather a lot of interest, in our first six months, we recorded over 11000 downloads from 38 countries, with our user base mainly in Nigeria and Ghana.

We started engaging users to find out if what we had done was good, the comments were positive, while they thought we had done well by taking the initiative, they also felt execution was poor. This really was a fact, we had created a service for people who wanted to learn, people who wanted to manage their business, people who wanted to sell and people who wanted to teach fashion. We could not address all that in one solution and that was the major issue.

Armed with all the feedback and as painful as it was, we had to return to the drawing board, how could we serve all markets available as our model relied on all? We started developing and testing different ideas in house for several months, then we created several services to manage each segment. Today I am happy to announce that we have released Tailorgang in four different services.

  1. Tailorgang Discover! Discover is creating a market for African Tailors and Designers to showcase their work and get people to request them, our business solution manages the entire process from request to delivery, customers can choose to pay directly to Tailors or pay via our platform, paying via our platform ensures that delivery and quality are met before money is released to Tailors. Tailors see the value in their wallets but cannot spend out of it until all or part of weekly or monthly deliveries are made and feedback from customers received. To start using discover please visit https://discover.tailorgang.io/ or download the Tailorgang Discover app from Google and Apple stores when finally released.
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Tailorgang Discover @ https://discover.tailorgang.io/

2. Tailorgang Academy. 65% of users who signed up on the service in our first one year had the intentions of learning, some of whom we disappointed. What we have now done is give them a separate app that is dedicated to the learning process. It was very important that we capture the learning process, from discovering new tutors, categories and students; this we have done with the Tailorgang Academy. Yes users can now download their video contents to their phones and watch them later! You can also give feedback to students and tutors. Every student also has access to our publications library at no extra cost. If you will like to start your fashion journey with the Tailorgang Academy please visit https://academy.tailorgang.io/ or get the app from the Google and Apple stores when we finally release.

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Tailorgang Academy https://academy.tailorgang.io/

3. Tailorgang Business. Tailorgang business wants to shape how Tailors and Designers treat their customers by giving them an effective management platform to manage everything including sizes, invoices and receipts, income, expenses, staff, request and task management. Our aim is to help business with vital metrics that can help propel their growth. The future of fashion in Africa is technology and we believe Tailorgang Business provides requisite technological foundation to propel growth. To start using Tailorgang Business visit https://business.tailorgang.io/ a mobile app is underway for for Tailorgang Business so Tailors and Designers can take their business with them wherever they go.

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Tailorgang Business @ https://business.tailorgang.io/
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4. Tailorgang Shop: Our initial plan for shop was to open our doors to let vendors sell their products while we still believe we can achieve that, we have adjusted our model to push partnerships with vendors and hope to agree on prices that are so flexible. Vendors don’t have to give us a % of sales, but have to agree on a very small fee that is insignificant to them but significant to us to propel growth of Tailorgang and vendors. To ensure quality, every item will be sold only upon approval from our quality assurance team, users have the right to return items and get 100% refunds based on agreed terms and conditions spelt out in our terms of use. The shop service should be available for use by the end of june.

Tailorgang offers; Dedicated focused fashion community, Dedicated Learning resources from trusted tutors, Dedicated ERP/CRM tools built to solve your everyday process and work flow and a dedicated market place to attract sales from Africans in diaspora.

At the heart of our innovation is our genuine love for the fashion industry and we are committed to give this a push. Over the next few months, we’ll be launching several innovations that will help Tailors who are un-banked tap into financial inclusion. These services will also help power earnings for Tailors who serve customers within and outside Africa. The community way will help us build stronger fashion business and also build trust within the ecosystem. It really goes beyond managing a fashion or tailoring business, or meeting your next clients, our research has covered loans, crowdfunding and insurance schemes for small fashion business. We have laid a solid foundation for all these things to happen within the next few months and this is surely a win for tailors and designers.

While I feel really excited about what we have done so far, there are hurdles and we are ready to take it step by step.

Happy to hear your thoughts and valuable feedback

Thank you!

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