Google and Facebook Can’t Just Make Fake News Disappear
danah boyd

Agreed, Can’t Wipe Out Fake News. So, Cut To The Chase

You’re absolutely right about all the useless hang-wringing and Band-Aid approaches being pursued these days. You’re also right there’s “no good regulatory process or reasonable process to adjudicate what is real or not.” You’re right it’s a cultural problem and “we’re all trapped up in a larger system that’s deeply flawed.”

But when you say, “the design imperative that we need to prioritize is clear: Develop social, technical, economic, and political structures that allow people to understand, appreciate, and bridge different viewpoints,” you’ve mixed apples and oranges.

There’s no structure that will ever bridge different viewpoints on fake new for all the reasons you outlined. The ONLY solution to fake news is to move on.

Just as the planet’s ocean’s are filled with detritus, so is the Net, Neither has a remote chance of being cleaned up for any foreseeable future.

Still, there are useful and productive oases in and around the oceans. So, what needs to be done is to establish and promote endlessly trustworthy, always reliable knowledge oases that don’t traffic in the momentary sensational or absurd missives. (see, Curated Knowledge is THE Future of All Power)

Like the past, those who succumb to fake news will continue to do so and over time the culture will pass them bye. Attempting to do anything else is entertainment masquerading as serious thinking. Worse, it aids and abets the arresting of the culture just as it’s crossing its technological inflection point and sends us down a blackhole. (see, Infinite Present — Our Digital Dark Age)

Fake new is forever — get over it and move on!

The need for a political structure to…bridge different viewpoints, is a different issue. There the model is readily apparent in all the sciences — create a temporary parallel organizational system. One that explores and refines better, more trustworthy processes until it reaches the point it can successfully compete and lever the existing system. (see, A New Process to Fix Our Political System)

My Medium publication, A Passion to Evolve, has articles addressing all these topics if interested.

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