Loving Life Enough to Save It: Biophilia, Bioregional Sensitivity and Cosmopolitan Bioregionalism
Daniel Christian Wahl

Another Antiquated and Disappointing Rambling

Initially, had hoped your background and ideas would add to our collective conversation on the contemporary dilemmas. However, after having read 4–5 of your articles, your ideas — despite being couched in warm, fuzzy bio-environmentalism — are antiquated and unimaginative. For everyone from old conservationists, to contemporary environmentalist, to primary school kids the importance of biological nature and ecology is widely appreciated.

While you cite Edward O. Wilson, you’ve failed to reach his conclusion — “The real problem of humanity is [that]…we have Paleolithic emotions; medieval institutions; and god-like technology.”

As to suggestions like “The future is wide open!….The spectrum of possibilities is truly immense,” this reveals a dearth of understanding in the professional methodologies used in forecasting alternative futures.

So, there is neither anything new offered nor any tangible suggestions as to how to improve the contemporary situation.

Thus, regrettably, your claim of being an ”expert generalist in whole systems design and transformative innovation” is seriously wanting. More an ideologue. Well meaning, but an ideologue nonetheless.


Doc Huston