Calling All Women Futurists
Rebecca Searles

Assumption Posited is Demographics Equals Bias. Any Evidence?

Personally, as a white male, am 100% in favor of futurists reflecting both genders and all POC. But if, as you say, you have spent “a few years writing about and researching futurism,” beyond simple demographics what evidence do you have for a bias contrary to women’s concerns?

Based on my experience in the field, the issue is more the rise of pop culture/pop psychology “futurist” (which may have a gender bias). Those who hop onto some “trend” they have a bias for or against and or see economic opportunity in trying to sell “it” as “the future” akin to self-proclaimed self-help and motivational gurus. (There are an endless number of trends, some consequential, most not. All trends end with events. All trends are nested within evolving systems, and all systems are themselves nested.)

The fact is the “field” is so littered with these “quacks” that, personally, I find the term loathsome.

Additionally, membership in World Future Society and Association of Professional Futurists is so loose as to encompass virtually anyone seeking to claim such. (FYI, while I have post-grad degree in alternative futures research and Ph.D. in how systems evolve, written extensively (my Medium publication is called, A Passion to Evolve) and worked in the field for decades, I never had a desire to join these organizations.)

And, just as those who graduate Med school at the bottom of the class get the same piece of paper as the those at the top, and those at the top with strong academic skills may not be the best practitioners, simply looking at demographics — quantity versus quality — especially in these weird and fast changing times, is not a good “futurist” practice.

To be sure, everyone is entitled to have— nay, needs — an opinion or vision about both a desired and undesired future. But that does not constitute a futurist.

Seems to me it would be better and more constructive to develop a platform that incorporates everyone’s opinion and vision about the future. That way we could collectively develop some consensus about our future as a society and, ultimately, as civilization. A side benefit would, of course, be to winnow out those now in the field.

My two cent rant….

Doc Huston

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