Absent A Solution You’re Justifying Behaviors That Make Things Worse
Doc Huston

Couple of Points on Capitalism, Technology, and Camus

Assume you are aware, Mike, that both capitalism as an economic system and technology existed before humans ever emerged as a species. That we have reached a point in human evolution where both now symbiotic and in the process of detaching from human control.

Said differently, there are forces in nature greater than human greed.

The principle distinction of note is that capitalism is en route to a post-scarcity, post-capitalist society (albeit with lots of human suffering in between), while technology is about to emerge as an autonomous species. This is not an app. Might want to read my article, Why you Should Fear Artificial Intelligence.

While I have multiple articles on all this, the two most direct reads are the previously mentioned, Macroscopic Evolutionary Paradigm, and a more narrowly focused Funny Thing about Money and Machines

As to political orientation, fascism constitutes overt repression, which tries to directly control everyone, everywhere 24/7. Historically that has never succeeded, though new technologies could give more, albeit still terminal, staying power. The bigger threat, and the one it seems you actually are rightly concerned about is covert repression, the surveillance state that selectively culls out malcontents.

Knowledge is power, and technology can advance us to thwart the bad scenarios, but the clock is running. In the evolutionary race against the evil/greedy people you are concerned about and the machines, evolution is agnostic and the machines have the edge.

Finally, Camus lived when true overt fascist repression existed and never contemplated suicide.

Doc Huston

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