Silicon Valley Must Not Turn Away From Politics
Seth Bannon

Design New Institutional Checks & Balances

Only things any of us carbon-based units care about is

  • setting priorities
  • assessing options for resolution
  • implementation goals
  • execution
  • performance assessment.

Talking about politics in terms of parties, politicians or ideology is an irrelevant blackhole — always. Action speaks louder than words.

In the existing medieval system design, money speaks louder still because of political careers. Said differently, the existing system has been gamed to death. Political system evolution has been arrested.

Fortune favors the bold.

It’s time to realize the political system is simply an information system. It can be redesigned as a para-political system without official authorization as long as it does not advocate overthrow. Rather, it acts as a way of comparing the quality of priorities and decisions. Creating competition.

Thus, serious people in the Valley and elsewhere need to realize they can now design and create new institutions that exist outside of the existing system as a new form of checks and balances. That doing this can influence political priorities and issues based on content and merit— beyond and offsetting citizen’s united money and lobbyists.

New para-political system can scale to be more representative, provide all of the above needed features in a more dynamic informational and decision-making process, create more accountability, create more awareness and buzz, and thus act as a completely new political force.

But, it will not have the force of law — and that’s okay

The key is scale, trust, and track-record comparing its priorities and decisions to those of existing system.

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