On the Millennial Strawvoter
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Justified Anger, But Misdirected Outrage

Objecting to one stereotype to vilify another is the current political game of identity politics. It is old-fashion tribalism. Even if Bernie had succeeded, there is zero reason to assume he would perform any better than Obama as you note. The problem is the medieval “system” itself. Changing names, faces, race, gender, promises or slogans takes us nowhere beyond buyers remorse, then frustration and, as with you, now, anger.

As I have said elsewhere,

Given how disturbingly dysfunctional our existing 18th century electoral and political systems are now, why does anyone assume they will somehow become better? Will they work better 20 years from now in 2036? How about in 2050 or 2070? If they are not going to work better, when do we start to design a new political system? Now or when things become still more dysfunctional and dangerous to our well-being?

Doc Huston

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