A letter from Cosmos to Sapiens

Nice Exposition, But Perhaps Too Passive.

My background is how nested systems — at all scales — evolve. While agree with virtually all of your assertions and sentiments, you let sapiens off too easy. As you intimate, we’re approaching an inflection point. The cosmos is agnostic about the outcome. Thus, short of our grasping the gravity of the situation, shit happens.

On my Medium publication, A Passion to Evolve, there are numerous articles you might find of interest. The big, detailed picture is in a longish, but readable article called, Macroscopic Evolutionary Paradigm.

Shorter articles highlighting this evolutionary inflection point include:

Civilization’s Anti-Human, Not Machines

Doc Says — Our Emotions, Institutions and Technological Capabilities Are Mismatched

A Message From the Bow of Civilization

Our Twilight Zone & What Comes Next

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Community Is Playing A Risky Game With Us

Only 6 Possible Outcomes in Next 20 Years [ — 4 are Bad — ]

Doc Huston

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