Stop Scaring Teachers with Students’ Inconceivable Futures
Zac Chase

Ok but Timescale/Grade Alters What’s Realistic

You make an important point but have no idea what timeframe or grade level you are referencing. Job situation for students in primary grades is different from secondary and different from college level. In any case, having taught at the university level for decades, most students are clueless.

Suffice it to say, however, the job opportunities contract going forward and those available will increasingly require high-performance STEM skills. Unlike past “revolutions” this one does not happen at an agrarian or industrial pace and is dominated by growth of autonomous systems (think self-driving vehicles) in a globally deflationary environment.

You are absolutely correct in stating that the real need is to teach critical thinking, especially about sociopolitical issues. We have entered an extraordinary transition period in human evolution. It will be difficult to navigate without more people involved and critically thinking about what is needed.

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