I’m pretty sure the world is ending…
Tim Boucher

Please — Spare Us the Silly Hyperbole.

Having been involved with environmental issues since early 70s it is tiresome and counterproductive to hear such silly over the top hyperbole. This is especially so since you do not offer a “constructive” remedy. Nothing is new in your article.

The fact is the planet will be fine regardless of what we do. The only thing that has changed since the 70s is greater awareness, which has brought more doomsayers.

The only issue is what happens to humanity and when. Since this problem has been visible to many for half a century, some things are clear.

  • The time for boy/girl scout lifestyle changes has passed.
  • The scale of the issue is global and thus will require global scale technological solutions.
  • This requires a global political consensus, which usually only occurs when a situation reaches an “imminent existential crisis.”

Since we are not yet at such a crisis, useful commentary would reflect a scanning of the horizon for the best technological fix. We are a technological civilization.

More doom-saying handwringing noise does not help. Lead, follow or get out of the way.

Finally, climate change and environmental issues are all a reflection of a dysfunctional, medieval political system. If you are interested in humanity you may find articles on my Medium publication, A Passion to Evolve, interesting.

Doc Huston