What may go wrong when machines become intelligent
Tyler Neylon

Rather Sophomoric, Don’t You Think

Selective use of timelines and cherry-picking issues will not suffice to wish away a serious potential existential problem. I, too, have read vast amounts of material on artificial intelligence — from general (AGI) to intelligence explosion to super (ASI) — and no where has anyone provided a satisfactory proposal to ameliorate concerns. You, for example,

  • Conveniently neglect the aggressive, ongoing effort to weaponize AI, ignoring all of human history and assuming global peace will breakout soon. (You may want to read my short Medium article, Why You Should Fear Artificial Intelligence or for a big picture context, a longer article, Macroscopic Evolutionary Paradigm )
  • Assume we understand all the different types of intelligence beyond our own. At this point we are clueless.
  • While we humans have yet to agree on what constitutes ethics and all of the nuances, you assume we will suddenly be able to code for it.

To be sure , we all do want the beneficial fruits of AI — it could be humanity’s greatest invention. But denying, rhetorically obfuscating or attempting to wish away valid concerns does us all a disservice and, frankly, insults our intelligence. It smacks of climate change deniers; creationism vs. evolution.

Doc Huston