After 15 years of war on terror, are we any safer?
World Economic Forum

So, What Is New?

There is nothing here that is new beyond statistical nuances. But, far worse, is the rehashing of tried and ineffectual remedies proposed. For example, for terrorism

Clearly, greater investment in diplomacy, crisis management and conflict prevention is urgently needed, alongside improved intelligence sharing within and between cities.

Or Latin American homicide

…the issue must be prioritized by national and municipal authorities, with a focus on driving down inequality, concentrated poverty, youth unemployment and of course corruption and political and criminal impunity

What is the point?

Bereft of original ideas? Lack of imagination for constructive concrete actions?

Maybe the problem is less about people and locations and more about structure of global institutions and organizations like WEF and the general arms length approach and cheap, empty handwringing rhetoric.

Sorry, but com’on. Is this really all you’ve got?

Doc Huston