What Should Obama Have Done About Russian Hacking?
Nicholas Grossman

Solid Academic Argument That Misses the Point

Your calculus here is about the horse race — a sham race in the first place — and tit-for-tat softball — which, as a practical matter, is actually an escalating high-stakes game that will be with us for the foreseeable future.

As noted in my Medium article, Obama Should Have Trusted Us On Russian Hack, this interference constituted a crossing of the Rubicon. Obama should have told the country the whole story and let the chips fall as they may.

As for Trump, he was always going to claim the election was rigged if he lost. Shit, in effect, he is doing that now claiming Clinton’s popular vote win was a fraud, for example.

The problem in Washington, and the political system generally, is that the idea of hiding the ball and spin somehow works to their advantage. If there is anyone thing Trump has shown, albeit in a perverse way, is that those days, if not over, are on there way out.

Doc Huston

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