[11/26] Knowledge And Its Paradox
Mohit Mamoria

Sorry, But This Is Nonsensical In Many Ways

While true that a unique human skill is scenario building, predictions are a fools errand. As with your quantum reference/analogy, the best anyone can do is forecast probabilities (see, Macroscopic Evolutionary Paradigm).

But as to knowledge being a paradox, you’ve misstated the situation. It’s probably true that knowledge can be refined endlessly. But that doesn’t equal a quantum state, unless everything is relative, in which case that isn’t relative but a final state of knowledge.

You’ve go completely off the rails when you say, “The more we know, the less valuable it becomes.”

Knowledge is a process of climbing ever more domain knowledge mountains. Knowledge can be added to, refined and remixed, but never inherently less valuable. This the real paradox of knowledge is never knowing enough (see, Never Smart Enough)

Doc Huston