To everyone that says “We deserve better”—You’re part of our problem
Joe Toscano⚡️

Take A Hike. We Do Deserve Better.

Suggesting more of what has failed us — changing names & faces — will make things better makes you the problem.

The idea that in the 21st century we are still stuck with a medieval political and electoral system of pseudo- representation (i.e., republican system) insults the intelligence of every thinking person. That you have the audacity to say “we” are the problem in another quadrennial electoral circus shows shallow thinking or self-serving interest or both.

There are 535 other pseudo- representatives and 10,000 lobbyist with fat-checkbooks all ready in place. Each one is waiting to carve out a piece of our pie for themselves and let the rest of us collectively twist in the wind until the next pseudo-election.

As I have said elsewhere,

Given how disturbingly dysfunctional our existing 18th century electoral and political systems are now, why does anyone assume they will somehow become better? Will they work better 20 years from now in 2036? How about in 2050 or 2070? If they are not going to work better, when do we start to design a new political system? Now or when things become still more dysfunctional and dangerous to our well-being?

Vote if you want. But know that in doing so you assume responsibility for perpetuating this shame. That you are the problem

Doc Huston

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