Here’s How to Reform Congress to Make It Actually Work
Mark Strand

What Universe Are You In? This Is Silly Nonsense.

As multi-decade university prof in your field, that you would even attempt to pass this idea off as viable suggests you should retire. We both know that the next congress will be even more, partisan polarized and dysfunctional after this election. Moreover, the animus toward HRC will be breathtaking.

The examples you cite as precedents are all from eras that have zero resemblance to today. The public disapproval is warranted on so many levels that, assuming Time mag paid you for this article, you should return it an apologize for offering up such nonsense.

Not that expect you would care but on my Medium publication, A Passion to Evolve, there are many relevant articles on the antiquated medieval political system undermining our future. If interested, perhaps start with Doc Says — Our Emotions, Institutions and Technological Capabilities Are Mismatched

Doc Huston