Why We Need to Think Differently About Democracy and Technology

While Sentiment Is Valid The Analysis Is Spotty

To start, when you say, “crisis of democracy that we are presently experiencing is directly connected to the crisis of capitalism. And we will not solve the one crisis without finding answers to the other,” you have mixed apples and oranges. True, money influences politics to advance capitalist interests to benefit capital accumulation.

But even if this were not the case capitalism would still advance. Capitalism is about wealth creation, which ultimately is the result of technological innovation. (see, Capitalism and Post-Capitalism — The Whole Truth & Nothing But)

When you say, “election of Trump is…the logical consequence of the way capitalism has changed from a system promising freedom to a system practicing oppression,” you made the same error as above, just inverted it. Trump’s election is due to

  • a set of anomalous factors (e.g., Russian intervention, Comey, electoral college system)
  • widespread anger at a dysfunctional political system favoring special interests to advance careers
  • technological and globalization creating large-scale un- and under- employment and fear

(see, The Evolution of Mind Games)

When you say, “Authoritarian rulers seem to be more aligned with the forces of the technology revolution,” you’re misreading history and the zeitgeist. Authoritarian ruler always sought, but lacked, the tools for sustained overt repression. Today, those tools are available. But in today’s era of dysfunctional political systems, even so called liberal democracies are aggressively using these tools, albeit for covert repression. (see, Civilization’s Anti-Human, Not Machines)

When you say, “So far, there are no democratic answers for digital capitalism,” you’re again mixing apples and oranges. Capitalism is moving post-haste to a nonlinear economic system change.

The “liquid democracy or liquid feedback which can be used to create a new and living form of politics based on a steady dialogue and feedback mechanism between the elected and the electorate,” is widely recognized and discussed. (see, A New Process to Fix Our Political System and Reducing Education & Knowledge Gaps).

What’s really missing in your piece, and really needs to be widely discussed and isn’t, is how we get from here to a better system. (see, Our Twilight Zone & What Comes Next)

All of these issues are connected in a single evolutionary process you’ve yet to recognize (see, Doc Says — Our Emotions, Institutions and Technological Capabilities Are Mismatched and Macroscopic Evolutionary Paradigm)

Doc Huston

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