Automation is not the enemy
Sean Nolan

Why Cherry Pick Info Instead of Being Upfront?

Throughout you are stating the what’s consensus — job losses will grow and accelerate — though you try to soft-peddle it. Similarly, of 10mm jobs gained in U.S. from 2005 — 2015 the sharing i.e., gig economy accounted for them all — again you try to soft-peddle it. Additionally there’s no likelihood enough new jobs will be created fast enough to take up the slack — again you try to soft-peddle it.

It appears your PR piece he is meant to help companies ease their workforce needs — which is fine. But let’s be clear and upfront, the automation train only accelerates from here on out. Increasingly to survive companies have only two option — cut overhead (i.e., bodies) and increase scale (i.e., more automation).

Doc Huston

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