The goal of the challenge is that for 30 days straight, you make a GitHub commit that is focused on personal growth. On GitHub, you get a little green square that lights up when you make a commit (located on your profile page on your contribution graph), so at the end of the challenge, you should have 30 little green squares.


Time and time again, scientific studies show that those who build daily disciplines around growth, succeed at life. Every…

A quick guide on what to care about while writing for the platform.

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I wanted to create a laser-precise guide on what I know about writing for Medium. My goal is to bring new people onto their platform and share their thoughts with the world.

1. Paid vs. free memberships and ‘Stories for Members’

Your first day on Medium goes pretty well. You create your account, poke around, read things, and things seem pretty chill. You may have noticed that some stories have…

Success will not bring happiness. It’s the other way around.

You know the cliché, “When this thing happens, THEN I will be happy.”

You graduated with your new computer science degree or completed an immersive bootcamp. Now what?

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I’ve hired developers. I’ve also taught computer science for colleges and taken hundreds through bootcamps. My advice to all my graduates is the same. Work this plan, and you will land a job.

1. Learn Things

You need to be hitting up Lynda, TeamTreeHouse, FreeCodeCamp, and Pluralsight. You learned a core development discipline at school. Awesome. Now you need to keep going. Your graduation was the beginning of learning, not the end. Trust me, that annoyed the hell out of me when I graduated…

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I have spent the better part of a decade educating developers as well as working as a developer myself. From college classrooms to immersive experiences, I have kicked off learning to code for thousands. I have also had the opportunity to help hundreds of people go from start to finish on their journey. They have gone from knowing nothing about programming to accepting roles as software engineers.

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It’s the late 80’s. This moment is what I have been daydreaming about all day at school. The soft glow of the TV projecting Nintendo’s glory onto my little face. Mouth open, eyes unblinking, my fingers shifting from button to button.

1. Failure is a part of learning

Have you…

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“That was an awesome idea!”, “I love your thought process.”, “Jamie did an amazing job on the project and has been an incredible partner.”, “You are amazingly talented, I can see your dedication and hard work.”, “I value you.”

Compliments are easy to read, but can be difficult to assign.

Cultures within our businesses are often geared toward focusing on our shortcomings, rather than our strengths. “Constructive criticism” is a term that we have learned to use as a means to show others that we are open to their critical feedback, but it is often said in a contrived manner…

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My mentor is sitting with me. They’re explaining where I went wrong in my code. All I’m doing is listening with the intent to interject and defend myself, trying to regain perceived lost ground. I want to explain in a desperate attempt to save face. I know what they are saying has value, but I try and preserve mine, improperly understanding what my value actually is. The whole process is incredibly painful. Painful because my pride is under attack.

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Retention while learning absolutely relies on a learner’s effort in engaging with content, however, what happens before is arguably more important.

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A decade ago I graduated from college. Ready to take on the world, I hastily applied for a number of roles that I was oblivious to the fact I was unqualified for. Months went by without so much as a rejection email and to make matters worse, I was now facing a layoff from the job I secured while I was in college. However to my benefit, in a rare and kind gesture, they gave me six months to figure out what was next.

Scott Bromander

Devoted to people and their growth.

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