A Letter to My Millennial Daughter

You should have woken to the nation’s first female president. You should have woken to hope, for your gender and for your generation.

Instead, you woke up in a world where hate and racism have re-emerged and gained traction in every branch of our elected government.

But I need you to understand that she didn’t lose because she was a woman. This was not a referendum on the fitness of a female for the highest office in our land. We still live in a country where anyone can win. If nothing else, Trump’s victory proves that. Someone that flawed beat the system.

Hillary lost because she is part of that system. The corrupt, rigged establishment of political parties, superdelegates, electoral colleges and insider favor-trading. Trump beat this system. He beat the republicans. He beat the democrats. If there is a ray of hope, it is that this system that allows corruption to flourish will come under such soul-searching that it will not survive.

The world that advantages the rich will continue as long as our system of government continues. That system was and is so flawed that it allowed a racist, sexist, sociopath to gain the presidency. It is this indictment of the system that gives me hope for the future. That, and your generation. You and those who follow have far more love in your heart than my generation of angry white people.

Trump is enjoying the last victory of an old, white, angry generation. Yours is none of those things. You are young. You are diverse. You wear your colors proudly. I need you to remain open-minded and optimistic. Your turn is coming. I have nothing but confidence that you and yours will rise to that challenge.

I love you my baby.

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