I think the javascript industry is evolving at an awesome pace at the moment. That’s great, but it also means that frameworks/libraries like React and Redux may be relics next year, and that’s not good for anyone.
I can relate to some of the frustration in this article.

I hear you! That being said, there are a few key things that I am learning from redux that I believe I can take to the next framework or to anything:

  • Pure functions — I am going to share this with my team when I get back from vacation. We are switching to TDD and pure functions are the only way as I see it to allow for this.
  • Functional Javascript — This is yyyuuge. I am a huge fan of functional code, and I’ve really only started using functional algorithms about 18 months ago. That’s close to 15 years of javacsript experience and ignoring something tha tmakes javascript really shine. I am thankful to learn this and redux helps me keep it in high practice. (same as react) ES6 arrow functions make it very easy to implement as well.
  • Reducers — Reducers themselves are very powerful and I am only hitting the iceburg. I think I’m on to something huge and I am looking forward to implementing them in ways I havent thought of before. So practicing with redux I believe, will help.


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