What we really struggled with in the beginning was understanding the concept of the action-reducer-state-view roundabout. It really is a totally different way of thinking as compared to MVC (or MV*). The breaking changes and constant updates of various packages (especially react-router/redux-router) was also a bit frustrating, but we chose an immature project so we can’t complain.
I can relate to some of the frustration in this article.

Same here, although I did jump into FLUX first. I really was able to get flux rather quickly, but it fell apart for me when I started having deeply nested components and propagating props down at deep levels created a ton of boilerplate. I ended up trying to refactor to redux back in september and after spending about a week or so on this I just lost it and wrote this article. At the time, my app was ES5 react 0.13?? and introducing redux while trying to understand the router and redux and react-redux and adopt ES6 I think was just too much at once!

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