We came from a Backbone/REST API/ES5/AMD background and had to learn all the new concepts at once.
I can relate to some of the frustration in this article.

Wow this is really true for me as well. At work we still use backbone and ES5. We also use commonJS but we use stitch module loader which is about 4 years old. We have hundreds of devs working on our application through variious products, and we have multiple versions in the pipeline at once. I am the only dev that I can think of that has spent a lot of time with es6. We also have a ton of devs that are C# programmers that odnt know much javascript, and they mess up the clientside code because they dont know what theyre doing. Because of this, it makes it very hard for anyone like me to try to get management to adopt a newer framework. So we’re still in backbone and it sucks.

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