We started to encounter areas in our app that weren’t covered by any Redux examples or docs, e.g. we spent a lot of time integrating our Java REST API. We ended up with a middleware solution that we are not entirely happy with. Our main concern is that we haven’t figured out a way to let the same action post an entry to the API *and* then pass it on to the reducers so the same entry is updated in the state. That is one of today’s problems. Most new Javascript projects have simplistic examples that does not covers any corner cases.
I can relate to some of the frustration in this article.

You are right about corner cases or “edge cases” as I call them sometimes. This is where having a deep understanding of functional programming and redux will separate success from failure.In other words, I can picture the author of redux having a nice solve for this, but someone who is picking this up for the first time is going to struggle. At the end of the day, we still have to ship code.

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