Open Letter To Apple
Dave Pell

To those who say MacBook, I say the 2015 version was a disappointment. I have one and it’s at home, because I can’t go through my long day without having to charge. Also, it was twice as much (fully loaded) compared to my current Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 plus, which despite it’s Windows garbage, lasts all day and a half. Ironically, I remote to my desktop, a Mac, to do work, go figure, when I have to do something graphic and need it to be bulletproof.

Here’s what we need, a light sport sedan of a Macbook Air with Retina and 12 hour plus battery life, to complement your lineup of two seater rag top (MacBook), large sports sedan (13 inch Macbook Pro), and luxury sedan (15 Macbook Pro).

Or just give us a damn cursor when you pair a bluetooth mouse to the iPad!

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