Science vs. IT

Sep 14, 2016 · 3 min read

Nowadays programming is everywhere, the IT section is the new future of many people around the globe. It is understandable there are many opportunities within the field, great and many job possibilities with good income. The tech companies has wonderful offices, what we hear a lot in the media and for sure everybody wants to work in one of those.

They have special working communities - they are the new way of thinking!

The life opportunities are just one of the driving force to learn how to code, it is also gives the freedom to create things. I do not know any other subject what is creative, cool and you can make something unique, or wait a sec, I know one, that is Science.

Science is something what is a little bit behind the scenes nowadays, what I do not really understand. It is also amazingly creative, the researchers have to solve problems in everyday, what nobody really understand and nobody has ever done. In many cases, there are no direct applications, but those are increasing our general knowledge, and never know, what is going to be extremely useful in the future, just like Einstein, the relativity and the GPS. So the job is not boring, on the other hand, scientists do not have fancy office places, they usually follow the old style how to work, and the salaries are also not comparable with a developer. Scientists have so much passion of their research. Most of them work just crazy amount over weekends and not because there is a boss who tell them you have to do it, no-no, because they want to do their research. They want to know more and create new things. My girlfriend is always amazed when I am going to work over the weekend or stay at night in the lab. She always mentions my working day is also 8 hours just like everyone’s. I am not gonna earn more with this kind of behavior, so the question is, why I am doing this? The answer is simple, I want to know the results and when I know them it is just creating new and new questions and I want to know those answers as well.

There are many new dating apps and social media apps available, but not so many solutions for the world biggest problems, the water consumption, the food problem, which will come very soon as well. It would be great if the science could be a little bit more cool for the iGeneration.

Scientists learned a lot over their studies, most of them learn even more during PhD. studies and postdoctoral studies, but they got much less attention and have much more difficult and competitive life.

Codes are everywhere which this true, but do not forget the Science is also around us with big questions, these need to be answered by our creative society as well!


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Enthusiastic chemist, passionate about science, education, technology and triathlon! Check out my IG profile as well @nerd_things_and_more

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