Dr. Anna Becker Leads Endotech in Pioneering the Future of Algorithmic Crypto Investments For Institutions

Dr. Anna Becker
3 min readNov 29, 2023

Disclaimer: This post was written by EndoTech’s content team and posted on behalf of Dr Anna Becker.

Crypto investing is difficult. For many, its just a gamble. But how can you use advanced mathematical techniques to capture the volatility in this new market?

And, how can you build a robust AI engine to ingest, decide and act on investment wisdom in these emerging markets?

The answer is Dr. Anna Becker’s EndoTech. She emerges as a key figure, leading EndoTech with a vision that extends beyond the ordinary. My investigation into Dr. Becker’s role and EndoTech’s initiatives reveals a compelling story of innovation and trailblazing in the financial technology sector.

Academic Foundation and Entrepreneurial Success

Dr. Anna Becker’s journey into the world of artificial intelligence and finance begins with a solid academic background. Having earned her PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the prestigious Technion Institute, Dr. Becker laid the foundation for a career that seamlessly blends technical expertise with a deep passion for machine learning.

Before launching EndoTech to the forefront of fintech innovation, Dr. Becker had already left an indelible mark on the entrepreneurial landscape. Founding and successfully exiting multiple AI-centric FinTech companies, including the notable Strategy Runner, she showcased a unique ability to navigate the intricate intersections of complex algorithms and lucrative financial strategies.

EndoTech’s Distinctive Approach

Under Dr. Becker’s dynamic leadership, EndoTech has redefined the boundaries of traditional retail investments, particularly in the realm of algorithmic crypto trading. The company’s commitment to democratizing access to advanced technologies for investment purposes sets it apart. Never before have individuals outside of large quant hedge funds been empowered to harness the capabilities of artificial intelligence for their investments.

At the core of EndoTech’s success lies a team of over 40 top-tier AI and machine learning specialists. Driven by Dr. Becker’s leadership, this team consistently pushes the boundaries of mathematical and technological possibilities in investment management. The algorithms developed by the team aren’t just cutting-edge; they have stood the test of time, demonstrating their robustness over a decade.

Dr. Becker’s contributions to the field have not gone unnoticed. She stands as a recipient of numerous awards and honors, solidifying her position as a luminary in both AI and FinTech. Her role extends beyond the boardroom, with frequent appearances as a speaker at industry events and her influential works widely published in leading journals.

EndoTech’s Vision for Institutional Investments

EndoTech, under Dr. Becker’s guidance, has steered a course that focuses on practical, impactful innovation. The company stands as a pioneer in leveraging advanced technologies to navigate the complexities of crypto trading. It provides a blend of data-driven decision-making and sustainability, making it an attractive proposition for institutional investors seeking a reliable and innovative partner.

Dr. Anna Becker’s leadership at EndoTech is shaping the future of algorithmic crypto investments for institutions. Her visionary approach, coupled with a commitment to ethical practices, positions EndoTech as a trailblazer in the ever-evolving landscape of financial technology. As the company continues to break new ground, it remains under the spotlight, with Dr. Becker at the helm of innovation.



Dr. Anna Becker

I'm Dr. Anna Becker, CEO of EndoTech, merging AI and FinTech. With a PhD in AI, I lead in ethical AI innovation and financial technology solutions.