Title: Don’t DeNy Your Shadow! An original story-script by: Dominik Doman The Watcher Narrating: For endless eons I have been forced to watch every significant event occur! Beginning with the big bang to the big crunch, In that time span I watched many epics unfold before my eye’s, I have witnessed every version of human history! Some of these human’s have led such fascinating lives not worrying about tomorrow I envy how effortlessly some of them are able to live in the moment! Now let me tell you the tale of a warrior poet named Jon Godwin born in the year 1918 due too living a hard fast often reckless life Jon died at age 27 in 1945 during WW2 under suspicious circumstances, Jon wasn’t a perfect individual by any stretch of the imagination nevertheless Jon is a perfect example of what can be accomplished when you’re a highly motivated methodical yet maniacally meticulous but nonetheless effective warrior.. To be continued…. Anyone interested……??….

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