Donald Trump Wants to Turn the Border Region Into a Police State
ACLU National

Trump clarified his embargo on importing refugees from any state that could not ensure proper vetting. This includes nations such as Syria and Libya, not because they are “Muslim” nations, but because they are failed states. As for the hyberbolic response to his sober deportation strategy, one understands the paranoia, but also wonders why the author would assume that Trump’s strategy will be status quo, when nothing else is. I think it’s safe to assume that Trump will be responsive to your fears, and thus will respond rapidly by beefing up the infrastructure needed for speedy removal (and ultimately rapid return of vetted immigrants). Your view of Trump’s vision is ripe with a confirmation bias that he’s just another Republican politician out to gut the public… He’s clearly not. What that portends, you can only guess. Nobody wants a human rights crisis, but many Americans feel we can no longer acquiesce to a do-nothing open-borders policy, that perpetuate a race to the economic bottom and a permanently-segregated illegal alien society, living in the shadows, constantly exploited as political pawns. Americans have big hearts, and we generally try to support the destitute from around the world, but when elements of our own gov’t conspire to erode our national wealth, industry and sovereignty, for their non-mandated Globalist ambitions… We have to draw a line in the sand. Even if we’re not ready to degrade ourselves and our ethics, in order to defend it.

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