Scarcity or Abundance Mindset?

Recently I have been evaluating my decision making process and the quality of my decisions.

Somehow, I realized many of my actions are based strictly on a thing being absolutely necessary. I rarely moved towards something if I didn’t see a problem with staying right where I was.

While this can be a good quality in ensuring you survive easily and progressed quietly through the ranks, it’s not always the best for people who want to thrive and most especially for entrepreneurs seeking to bring their solutions to a great number of people who are in need of them.

Something flashed across my mind while I looked over some of the present day world events and I though imagine if this happened.

You have been transported out of this planet to another planet where there is abundance of oil, unlimited electricity (from the sun), fields of crops growing on their own, houses, clothes, shoes and all. Now, you are not alone on this planet, some people have arrived after you. Somehow, all your basic needs in life have been provided for in this new world without requiring any effort whatsoever from you. Food, clothes, houses, mobility, all already taken care of for you.

Despite all the basic needs being met for you and your new neighbours, requiring no work from you, what will you live or fight for?

I would argue that most people would still find a reason to fight and take control of resources that are more than sufficient for multiple lifetimes.

My question then would be, what drives us to go the extra mile both ways, for the general good, and for personal approbation? Is it environment, training, instinct, or herd mentality?

Whatever, the case I have decided what’s best for me and that’s to take action more aggressively.

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