Donald J. Trump owes nothing to nobody (as far as we know, at least… and I for one don’t speak Russian
Turn On Reality
Geoff Lewis

Actually he’s in quite a bit of debt — the NYTimes attempted to untangle it beyond what he himself included in financial disclosure forms (which sets a “baseline” of ~$300 million; the NYT uncovered at least twice that but suspects there is quite a bit more out there hiding in layers of obfuscating legal entities).

Most notably that represents the largest financial conflict of interest in history, with an about-to-be sitting president $100 million in debt to Deutsche Bank — a foreign entity with US subsidiaries that has been a regulatory nightmare as a market manipulator and (all too familiar story now) risky speculator continuing brazenly on after the 2007–8 crisis.

That doesn’t even get into the suspected heavy indebtedness to Russian oligarchs that DJT Jr. once bragged about back in the halcyon days of 2008, saying at the time that Russian investment represented a “pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets” — only to have mysteriously vanished by the time the 2015 campaign season kicked off.

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