“Emotions are Running High…”

Brava! Sometimes I worry that we’ve lost the thread on how to act according to our values — and then I am reminded that there are some who believe our values should somehow be separated from our actions, and it becomes clearer as to why we seem to continuously struggle with this “perceived duality” culturally.

This election cycle has aggressively drawn out that philosophical divide, as well as made apparent a third class of ideology that has begun to pull even further away from the “healthy separation” crowd that I‘m borrowing the phrase “absurd moral authority” from the awesome Cathy O’Neil to describe: in this realm, massive operations are being built at scale with the ethics of their outcomes completely excised. “Over here” in Silicon Valley, “smart people” just frantically build things and collect money, while “over there” in the real world the hoi polloi are mere inadvertent beta testers for a collection of possible futures envisioned by powerful, mostly white men who are well-insulated from the consequences of their inventions — most especially the negative externalities.

Really dig what you’re up to at Backstage and sending my support from down here in Southern California, where we feel the force of the withering ire from up north but are too busy creating colorful, less Orwellian things to waste time returning it. ;)

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