I understand and appreciate where you’re coming from, but there is a certain amount of maturity and…

Couple of thoughts: well, if you’re in your mid-20s — how much maturity can you possibly have? It depends on your circumstances. We’re setting the bar too high if we expect every human fresh out of college to be Fully Formed in all facets with leathery skin from hard knox when the fact is, the entire “technology project” is all about making people’s lives easier and more efficient, fraught with less challenges by which to accumulate stamina — yet suddenly we’re shocked when The Youths seem to have such great expectations of exceptionalism, and expect to capitalize on them without having to literally starve first, in the world’s richest nation.

It is we who should be ashamed, and not talia. What happened to the right to discuss labor conditions and the right to organize? These are rights we have as Americans that are eroding because we don’t use them. Because we don’t understand what they’re for. They’re also different in a world where “venting to your friends” can also mean “publishing at a URL on the internet where it will be indexed for all time” and the distinction between the two is getting foggier by the minute.

Then there’s a real problematic weirdness about having a “digital self” that in some sense exists separately from your Real Self, operates by different rules that no one knows (even more than no one knows about the Real Selves, which have a lot of ancient wisdom attached that we mostly choose to ignore), and will impact you in unseen ways throughout your life — yet it’s also a lifeline. A crowd of potential sympathizers with your soul who circle the globe and never sleep — it is a seductive idea. You want to reach out to them. You need support, and you’re not sure where else to turn.

I think many of us in a similar situation would not have hesitated to post a public missive. Why wouldn’t you? It’s the internet we turn to for everything these days. By design.

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