Wow. In her non-inclusive decision to oust Peter Thiel from her “Project Include,” Ellen Pao…
Taylor Owens

Inclusiveness doesn’t mean having to include individuals or organizations who are hostile to your existence, and who are actively working to obstruct your mission. It also doesn’t mean “powerful people get to do whatever they want, and everyone else has to include them.” If Peter Thiel has the freedom to act according to his values, then those he would do business with should be afforded the same freedoms (which occasionally means saying “no; this is not a fit for the values of my organization.”).

As to the separation of personal, professional, and political: the Left did not “collapse” these spheres — and it is quite unclear how they might have wielded such a mighty power to reach down into people’s souls and bind these things together if they are indeed truly separate. Rather, these spheres were never unbundled to begin with — and in fact, psychologically speaking, there are any number of arguments to be made about how it is actually unhealthy to separate one’s actions in the professional and political realms from one’s personal values: for it is an integrated self that makes its way to self-actualization most naturally, and not a fractured identity.

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