Weird. It’s almost like you didn’t listen to any of those sources I cited.

Literally nobody is advocating “total socialism” anymore. We cannot have a meaningful dialogue when the debate continues to be framed in this way.

Even China now acknowledges the need for a Mixed Economy approach — the question isn’t “capitalism or socialism,” it’s “what is the right mix of both?” Nor can the mix be static — it must respond to changes over time, as prevailing conditions change.

For example, even with some of the highest tax rates, Swedes are routinely overpaying them — because in a negative interest rate world, it’s an objectively better return than savings accounts (and increasingly, bonds). It is very difficult to look at this data and conclude that all socialism everywhere, at all times, has been a miserable failure. Feels like a Procrustean bed-flavored analysis to me.

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