Hungary, Poland, Slovakia are heading that way, and across Europe more Trumps and Putins are waiting in the wings
History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

There’s also Japan, where Abe and half his cabinet are members of the ultra right-wing Nippon Kaigi organization advocating for a revisionist history of both Japan’s colonial past and its role in WWII; the revision of the constitution to strike Article 9 which prevents a standing army and waging war to settle international disputes; rolling back gender equality and human rights laws; and the re-establishment of Shinto as the national religion, depicting the Japanese as the “divine race” (others, especially Koreans, are deemed inferior) and restoring the primacy of the Emperor.

A recent vote gave Abe’s party the supermajority in the Diet required to begin the process of amending the constitution.

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