neoliberal economics, by giving Wall Street a pass, by continuing illegal and immoral wars in the third-world. And these are only the disappointments she’s promising
There’s an artfulness to the way you gloss over not just Hillary’s past “disappointments” (your…
David Soth

There’s no evidence she plans to do any of these things, and unlike the opposing candidate she has made very specific policy proposals readily available so that we can evaluate them. It would be great to discuss those actual ideas instead of continually dragging Clinton through the mud as if she plans to conduct politics like we’re all still trapped in the 90s. We’re not. She’s not. And speaking as a long-time activist who has had my share of dodging rubber bullets in the *first* anti-globalization movement during the early 2000s, sometimes it feels like the only people still stuck in the 90s are the far-left. (which is still preferable to the far-right, who are desperate to get stuck in the *1890s* #rimshot #heyooooo!)

But srsly folks — it is both incredibly inaccurate and unfair to blame Hillary Clinton for all of neoliberalism. It is just not credible. When exactly do we think she was masterminding this fiendish plot: as First Lady, an officially unofficial title? As a Senator from NY? Do we think these roles hold that kind of power?! Or do we think Wall Street got the whole *idea* from Hillary when she was speaking to them circa 2013?! Of course not — the timeline is absurd. Like the whole idea is absurd, that a single person could even possibly wield that much power. Not even the President wields that much power — that is the whole point of the separation of powers. Hillary is both a career politician, and is also not dumb: she is aware of both the limitations of Presidential power *and the intent of democratic political philosophy in which the President’s power comes from the will of the people*. Moreso than many who have served in that office. Certainly moreso than the opposing candidate.

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