complacent belief that we can rely on technology to bring us a bright new future and solve all of our problems
Why we can’t rely on technology for a better future
Sachin Maini

This perspective also represents a path-dependent fallacy about what technology actually is: a creation and a projection of human values and desires. There is no intrinsic value, either positive or negative, to technology itself — thus it cannot be replied on to produce positive results as if by some objective force. Technology can only serve the values we apply it with, because value itself is not an extant property in nature — it too is merely a human construct. We live in a symbolic universe of our own creation, forever separated from direct experience by the limitations of perception and cognition.

In some sense, technology itself represents our desperate and deep evolutionary yearning to transcend those limitations. We as technologists fool ourselves into imagining that we are undertaking some kind of collective global project to once and for all “solve all our problems” so that we may live in peace and harmony and bask in the glow of Total Perfection (when truly it is a staggeringly small sliver of the actual world population who feels “along for this ride” in any meaningful way, and vanishingly few Silicon Valley techno-utopian elites seem the least bit troubled by their own participation in the exclusion of greater and greater swaths of the world population from potential access to this amazing dream), yet it grows ever more difficult to see the path of economic, ecological, and cultural destruction that we’re on as a reasonable means to reach such an Elysian end.

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