As I recently argued, turning around and blaming Facebook, Twitter, and Google for our 🌍 widespread social and cultural problems isn’t the best place to start
The #Election2016 Micro-Propaganda Machine
Jonathan Albright

Very difficult question. Working with FB / Twitter / Google could make for easier wins at scale vs. a sea of shifting and cloaked targets (more like hydras at scale). Imo those networks could benefit greatly from leveraging “crowdsourced help” of the actual humans who use them (how many times have I gnashed my teeth and wished Twitter’s reporting tool had options for things like “I think it’s a bot” or “I think it’s a Russian,” for example).

Of course, that might just launch the next phase of the “fifth world war” where the MPM just starts gaming that system — except the networks have reams of data about their long-term users and should be able to weight the inputs of Real People / Core Users vs. those of the Johnny-come-lately bots and others.

Then there’s the matter of how the hell do we wind back the clock and do a mass education project around media literacy and information skepticism, in a world that appears to be accelerating towards the rabid rejection of Enlightenment-style rational inquiry??

It’s a doozy. This piece is awesome though. Great food for thought (and material for action). Bravo!!