You didn’t even attempt to come up with a coherent explanation for where and why your valuations…

Well, perhaps you can’t follow anyone’s ideas outside of your own worldview — it’s certainly common. It’s troubling that you feel the need to cover it over with a bunch of negging, however — especially considering you’ve offered literally nothing in support of your own assertion that free markets are a way better way to handle the production of all public goods (somehow… although even Hayek disagreed? von Mises was much more severe, but widely panned).

So — we could agree to disagree, because I don’t get the sense that you’re here for a fair argument about ideas. Or we could just go back to square 1 and you could explain how a completely privatized society would handle public concerns while solving common issues of corruption, coercion, fraud, abuse of power, moral hazard, tragedy of the commons, etc. Are we talking Night Watchman State here or like, pure anarchy? What is the proper role of government in society?

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