E-mail “truthers” huh?
Trent Lapinski

Whatever claims WikiLeaks and Assange once had to facilitating “safety in the ethical leaking movement” pretty much went out the window when they started publishing private citizen’s medical records, financial records, phone numbers, addresses, family information — including the names and contact information of rape victims, sick kids, and the mentally ill — as well as public and retired officials’ social security numbers, credit cards, and known locations. None of that has anything to do with their stated mission of “exposing corruption” in repressive governments and, in fact, has endangered the lives of hundreds of private citizens to a degree that their own supposedly terrible governments have never even come close to matching.

Real reporters take great pains to ensure they’re not actually doing more harm than good by publishing sensitive information that is immaterial to the substance of the leaks. Assange doesn’t give a shit, making his claims of moral high ground as a “freedom fighter” ring hollow.

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