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Tremble — What Is Anything Anyway

PREMIERE | Tremble Release Tantalizing ‘What Is Anything’

Randall Radic
Apr 16, 2019 · 2 min read

L.A.’s electro-pop outfit Tremble premiere the music video for “What Is Anything” on Medium. The song is from their sophomore EP, What Is Anything Anyway.

Formed in 2015, Tremble’s genesis occurred when serendipity intervened in the backyard of Eric Vetro, where vocalist Kelly Sweet encountered producer-musicians Haywire and Ajax. Once the trio began discussing music and influences, it became clear they were on the same wavelength, including a taste for new wave pop from the ’90s and the intoxicating sonic surfaces of electro-pop.

Within a year, Tremble released their debut EP, In The Chaos. Like gravity, the EP attracted massive attention. Songs from the EP appeared all over television, including “Blur,” Tremble’s signature song.

A string of singles from Tremble followed the EP. “Thorns,” the group’s gospel-flavored electro-pop song, was released in 2017, and featured on The CW’s Charmed, in 2018.

“What Is Anything” opens on oozing, swirling guitar tones followed by the entry of a fat, pulsing bass line and Sweet’s gorgeously velvety voice. Drifting, undulating, and flowing on dreamy textures, the iridescent colors of the tune bedizen the tune in tantalizing wisps of polished sonic rumors.

Sweet’s voice, opulent and graceful, is a confection of pure elegance, infusing the lyrics with translucent hues and enticing savors.

The video is literally a seductive visual and aural trip, leading viewers on a spectacular tour of downtown L.A., including the Arts District and Little Tokyo. The three members of Tremble pilot their way through the city’s core, meandering, almost directionless. When they stop on a bridge above the river, the sun is setting in the backdrop, silhouetting Sweet against the skyline — the highlight of the video.

“What Is Anything” is enchanting, full of exaggerated delicacy and soft assertive energy, as if experiencing a surreal sonic dream.

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