Doctusoft to hold a full-day workshop on Big Data at Crunch 2016

We are proud to announce that Doctusoft — the only Google Cloud Platform partner in Hungary — will run a workshop on Day 0. of the Crunch 2016 Data Engineering and Analytics Conference with the title “A Big Data Adventure in Google Cloud Platform”. The workshop will not only be a brief introduction to Google’s Big Data solutions, but it will also cover several parts of Google’s qualification exam certificate.

The workshop is designed for those who work with a huge amount of data from the analyst or the developer side and are always after what’s next regarding Big Data technologies. The topics will cover Google Cloud Platform’s comprehensive Big Data solution. Attendees will

  • Learn how to build, execute, and visualize Big Data projects more easily and in less time with Google Cloud Platform’s four main Big Data products: BigQuery, Pub/Sub, Dataflow. and Datalab.
  • See how these products are linked to each other through an example project participants will deliver together.
  • Learn about real business use cases and project experiences.
  • Get a full picture about how these Big Data products differ from other well-known solutions, and recognize when to choose one or the other with respect to business needs or the technological requirements engineers work within.

Everyone who wants to learn first-hand how to deal with a Big Data project on the Google Cloud Platform from the beginning is welcome, no matter whether you’re from a small start-up or a big multinational company.

Meet our 3 amazing speakers who will be your guide on the full-day workshop.

Csaba Kassai — Software Architect @Doctusoft

Csaba has participated in several Big Data projects solving the problems of different retail, telecommunication, and start-up companies using Google and Hadoop technologies. He has also worked for one of the biggest banks in Hungary on Big-Data-focused projects such as optimizing the query time of the transaction history database with ElasticSearch. Csaba’s main professional interests are Google’s Big Data products and their related programming languages and database technologies.

Sub Szabolcs Feczak — Cloud Platform Technical Solutions Engineer @Google

“Sub” started to study computer science at the age of 14 and maintained an avid interest in the field ever since. At Google, Sub focuses on Cloud Products as a Technical Solutions Engineer and a DataFlow product engagement lead being the voice of the customers in front of product management and software engineering. Before joining Google, Sub made a voice over IP start-up to scale from zero to six thousand calls per month using an infrastructure designed by him. Sub has an interest in sustainability, global economics and social graph analysis.

Lajos Gathy — CTO and Founder @Doctusoft

Lajos Gathy is co-founder of Doctusoft and responsible for the company’s professional activity. He graduated from Budapest University of Technology and Economics with honors in Computer Engineering and has gained national and international expertise as a developer and as a software architect. He is interested in scalable data processing, distributed software design, and cloud computing. Lajos is committed to performance optimization and code reuse. As CTO of Doctusoft, the only Google Cloud Platform (GCP) partner in Hungary today, he is first in line to adopt the latest features of GCP in various internal and partner projects. His primary goal is to make BigQuery and Cloud Dataflow popular with Doctusoft’s clients.

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