Our Big Idea

I think every agency has to have a big idea, and every business, new venture and startup has to be intimately connected with its WHY. I call this the WHY Chromosome, and it is the driver to building a culture around what you do. If you’ve taken the time for a little self examination, done some deep thinking about why you do what you do, then you are ready. For what?

Ask the Right Questions

Everyone will tell you that you have to make some noise. That’s good — I agree. The only way your public noise will turn into useful information is if you have a story to tell. Stories build loyalty and connection. Stories that do the best work come from a deep place. This is a big part of the curriculum in the classes I teach for USC, Digital Fundraising School and at General Assembly LA. There’s a secret to all this, well articulated by Simon Sinek, who wrote “Start With Why.” If you can articulate the WHY of what you’re doing, you have something powerful to share with the world, a story that deeply resonates. You will discover a community of like-minded, passionate people. That’s the ah-ha moment. It allows, even demands, your next step.

Let’s Build a Culture Together

Every film I ever worked on, as a writer, producer, or director, was a startup. Nobody had ever heard of it before, it was brand new, so it had to connect with a culture. If a culture didn’t exist already, we had to create one. If we failed to find the culture, we failed, period. The film sank like a rock to the bottom of the ocean. Researching culture, building it, and sustaining is is what we do. Do you want to know how we do that? Read on.

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