Of Hypocrisy and ‘Homophobia’
Robert Stacy McCain

I’ve long shared this opinion, that while gay activists are trying to “normalize” gay lifestyle and with it gay sex, they are aware that most human beings have a perfectly natural and logical revulsion toward the idea of one man putting his tongue up another man’s hairy rectum. The same with man-0n-man anal sex, I always thought if these “brave” people who came out as gay were really brave they’d also include the fact of whether they were a top or a bottom (or versatile, in the parlance). But they don’t, because there are evolutionary and instinctual reasons humans are repulsed by homosexuality, gay activists know this and so they (mostly) try to gloss over the fact of actual gay sex. In this case I’d have to agree with Andrea Dworkin (paraphrasing) that all male-on-male anal sex is a type of rape, however welcoming the “catcher” seems to be of the “pitcher”.

I’ve known a lot of lesbians over the years and the biggest misconception people have about them is the mechanics of lesbian sex. As I understand it, all the toys and “Bound” type encounters is the stuff of porn directed at gay men who like watching lesbians. The truth is, lesbian sex is mostly cuddling, touching, kissing, rubbing and hugging. That’s before they lapse into a “sister” type relationship where they barely have sex at all. Unlike gay males, who, their libido unleashed in tandem with a similarly testosterone-crazed being, seem to want to have sex all the time with as many partners as possible. Which is why a lot of gays, even, scoffed at gay marriage, that wasn’t even part of the lifestyle, monogamy. It was more like another norming thing.

But yeah, the public at large would be a lot less accepting and a lot more squeamish about gays (including around their kids, teaching, parenting, etc) if they were honest about what gay sex involves in practice, and it’s a lot more off-putting than Mike Sam pecking his bf chastely on the lips.

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