Leaders, Dictators,

and staying in your own lane.

There is something to be said about the phrase, “Stay in your own lane”. Too often we become the victim of our belief that people are in need of our expert advice on how “if they just listened to us their life would be so much better.”

It’s not lost on me that I write for a blog that tries to do exactly that, but remember, you made a choice to read this. I didn’t force you to click the link and read. More on this later.

What I am referring to are the moments when people feel as if it’s their responsibility to make sure the people around them all think like they do. They try to tell you that there is only one way of thinking and only one way of doing a certain thing.

I like to call these people dictators.

We all have dictators in our life. They seek to dictate your every move because they thrive on conformance. Dictators believe that if everyone conforms to their ideas then they are wise ones. Yet the conformance only benefits them and not anyone else. Sadly, dictators are often found in places of authority in our lives. Dictators are best when they can force conformity by projecting fear onto those under their authority. Leaving the individuals under them hating their work and scrambling to find new employment.

Dictators exist only to inflate their own egos.

If dictators are the disease, leaders then, are the cure. Leaders in your life are those people who encourage you to be the best you that you can be. Leaders thrive when they can show people how to be the best possible versions of themselves. Leaders don’t use their authority to coerce, leaders use their opportunities to influence.

Leaders stay in their own lane because it’s the smoothest lane they know of and either have no time or desire to be in anyone else’s.

Anybody can be a leader.

And Anybody can be a dictator.

Luckily for us, we have the opportunity to CHOOSE which one WE want to be and WE get to CHOOSE who we let in our lives.

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