Dodie Sobretodo — Lying in a farmers field outside Hamburg, Germany

Dodie Sobretodo — Present & At Large

I’m a deep feeling somatic sensing kinda person. I live an embodied life. I follow threads of the finite in recognition that strung together these finite pieces give us a glimpse of the infinite. Currently, I love listening to strangers and telling their stories. Two places that interest me the most lately are the transition between not so graceful to graceful. I love the microanalysis of this transition and how we find that door in the dark. Also loving the exploration of sex and intimacy with a raw and real somatic lense. I’m tired of the masks and taboo and shame and bullshit that surrounds this most natural part of our being. I am a student of all that I teach and preach. I seek not to be this or that but rather to practice this life well, and be as alive as I possibly can at any given moment.