12 LA-Based Companies Instigating Change in Healthcare

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What digital health companies are starting their trajectory in LA, and building toward a national perspective? This is what I spend a lot of my time considering, and the list of 12 companies below is a short list of what has been on my mind as of late. In the coming years, I am excited to see what they change in terms of how we deliver healthcare.

There is no order of priority, or importance here. Just a random list of the digital health startups that have been on my mind.


Founded in 2014, Science37 uses advanced telemedicine technology and patient-centric clinical research models to rapidly accelerate biomedical discovery and bring down the costs of clinical trials. Having completed a Series A at $6.5M and Series B at $31M, with funders such as Lux Capital, drX Capital, and Sanofi Genzyme, Science37 is one of the more heavily funded digital health startups in the LA area.

Patient Pop

Founded in 2014, the Santa Monica based PatientPop is looking to be the first practice growth platform for providers. With their platform, PatientPop aims to provide doctors with tools to help them promote and advance their practice. Having completed a $20.5M Series A in May of 2016, they too are on growth trajectory.


Having completed $26.9M Series A and $14.8M Series B funding rounds, Heal is catapulting itself into creating a new marketplace: a consumer driven on-demand market for in-house doctor appointments. Uber for doctors. The company currently operates in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Silicon Valley and will be rolling out to more cities next year. It is a pretty simple idea — and one that has been done centuries ago, albeit without the latest technology. It will be interesting to see how the solution rolls out into rural areas or the Deep South where the digital divide readily exists.


Coming off a whopping $13M Series A over the summer, JoANY is positioning itself to continue to build transparency in the consumer insurance marketplace. Founded in 2014 and accelerated by Techstars, JoANY is currently in a major growth spurt. It will be interesting to see how the company traverses the unpredictable insurance market due to the Trump administration and it’s sabotage like tactics.


Founded in 2014, Silversheet works to improve how healthcare facilities manage their workforce and how healthcare professionals manage their own careers. A graduate of the Cedars Sinai Accelerator powered by Techstars, Silversheet recently closed a $5M Series A funding round.


Founded in 2011, GoodRx helps consumers save on prescription drugs by providing real time prices at competing pharmacies, discount coupons for drug purchases, and saving tips. GoodRx has been featured in Prevention Magazine, Forbes, Real Simple, and Money Magazine to name just a few. After their quiet merger with Iodine in January of this year, GoodRx has been on a steady growth spurt, amping up it’s hiring and looking to build on their equity in the space.


Founded in 2010 and based in Santa Monica, TigerText is the largest provider of clinical communications solutions. Having closed a $50M Series C funding round, TigerText continues to build on its robust clinical communications platform, and has name clients such as Adventist Health, Geisinger, RWJBarnbas Health, and many others.

Neural Analytics

Founded in 2013, Neural Analytics is poised to become the leader of medical devices designed to monitor and diagnose brain health. The startup was accelerated by MassChallenge, and has recently completed a $10M Series A funding round. The company also recently announced that the US Army awarded Neural Analytics a $10M contract to develop (over the next 18 months) a portable point of injury device to assess combat-related traumatic brain injuries.

Deep 6 AI

Founded in 2013, Deep 6 AI is working to identify the right patients for the right clinical trials at the right time. Participants in accelerators Healthbox, Stanford’s StartX, and a recent graduate of Cedars Sinai Accelerator, this analytics and artificial intelligence company has also gone on to win the SXSW Accelerator Enterprise and Smart Data Category, developed a formal partnership agreement with TD2, and captured (in my view) the 2017-digital-health-startups tweet of 2017.


Headspace, the darling of the digital health LA ecosystem is headquartered at the beach in Santa Monica, California. The company recently closed a $36.7M Series B round, and is on a major hiring spree drawing from the deep talent resources of SoCal’s media and entertainment industries. With celebrity users and investors like Jared Leto, Ryan Seacrest and Jessica Alba, Headspace has the attention of influencers, and continues to grow while bringing meditation to the masses.

Stanson Health

Founded in 2013, Stanson Health develops next-gen Clinical Decision Support solutions. With $3M in Series A funding, and a leadership team trained, seasoned and originating out of Cedars-Sinai, this startup is using content and analytics in support of improved care and dramatic cost savings. Community Health Network, a not for profit health system in Indianapolis, recently announced an engagement with Stanson in which their goal is to enable a more efficient CDS strategy in support of their clinicians.

Frame Health

If a provider knows a particular patient profile leans toward non-adherence, then the provider can apply additional resources or different resources in an effort to reduce undesirable behaviors. This is where Frame Health comes in. Frame Health uses a big data platform to generate patient psychological profiles that are then matched to clinical programs in an effort to change behavior and adherence levels. Another graduate of Cedars Sinai Accelerator that will be exciting to watch as they grow and progress in the coming years.

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