Learnings from reading “Rediscovering Javascript”

The past few years I’ve neglected to keep up with my javascript knowledge. It felt like my day-to-day frontend work became harder to do. So I decided to read up on the latest developments and chose to read this book.

May 10 · 4 min read

Compared to other programming books I’ve read this may be one of the best written out there. It’s easy to read, topics covered are well chosen, example code is short and concise (I’m not getting paid whatsoever to write this). The book written by Venkat Subramaniam starts with a few chapters covering the parts of modern javascript that is used a lot out there and tells a bit about their background and compares the modern way of doing things with the old ways. Behavioural differences between const, let and var, () => {} and regular functions, using modules and spread operators get some attention, but luckily not too much as more information about these can be found everywhere else.

There were plenty of other parts explained that I’d never seen in the wild before. For me these are the highlights of the book.


Reflect on MDN

Classes are still prototypes

Symbols, a new primitive type

Using objects as iterators


Tagged templates

Object Literals

Example from the book

Meta programming with Proxy


Even though it’s not always obvious what kind of problems these features can solve I’m sure I will run into situations sooner or later where these will come in handy. Besides that, knowing these help me understand what’s actually going on under the hood when reading code and syntax used by some frameworks won’t look like black magic to me any more. (D)


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